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24 January 2006: Fall Out Boy - University Refectory, Leeds, England, UK

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As the spawn of fans spilled out of Leeds Uni at 10.15pm, catching even the street sellers off guard, a passing student muttered “don’t these kids know every band does an encore?.” But the truth was the encore had come and gone quicker than you could finish your snakebite.

With the tour selling out in a matter of hours, expectation for the gig was larger than an emo kid’s friends list on my space. This anticipation was only heightened by the painful watching of Gym Class Heroes, the support act are good mates with FOB but they failed to make any more friends with their Unkle Kracker style of music.

The venue was a long narrow hall that sabotaged the sound quality for the unlucky ones squeezed out to the sides, their view for the night being a pillar and maybe half a guitar or face. The fans down the front didn’t seem to care, their favourite band had actually made it to a U.K stage, following Leeds, London and Reading cancellations, and they were determined to soak up every second.

Songs, ‘Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner’ and ‘Tell Mick’ sent the crowd bouncing, with every word being chanted straight back at the Chicago pop punkers. The set list was refreshingly unpredictable with the upcoming single ‘Sugar we’re Going Down’ played midway through instead of the obvious encore song.

‘Dance, Dance’ worked a treat as the encore with lead singer Pete Wentz showing off his sugary voice to the full. The shame was after hitting the pinnacle it was a long heavy drop to the bottom as FOB vanished leaving the fans still hungry for more.

The webpage music scene discovered Fall Out Boy years ago and it won’t be too long until the mainstream pick them up with the same love and devotion.

With the show being so short the sense that FOB had other places to go was more than likely true. The chart and mainstream beckons for the new kings of pop punk. Whether their older fans want it or not, their secret will soon be out for the world to hear.

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