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20 December 2004: Dogs D'Amour - Rock City, Nottingham, England, UK

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The Dogs D'Amour were the seminal band of my youth, 'twas they who introduced me to the delight of Jack Daniels and coke and my parents drowned out by playing "The Dynamite Jet Saloon" at Full volume, they are my favourite band of all time. Since the last time I saw the Dogs at Derby Uni student union a lot of water has passed under the bridge, we've all grown older, some more disgraceful than others, so I was very and I do mean VERY!!!! excited when a tour was announced and that Rock City was one of the dates (the last Dogs gig I saw at Rock City had the Black Crows in support, that was some night.)

This tour isn't the first tour since the Dogs split, a line up which included Tyla, Jo, Bam and Share (Mrs. Bam, formerly of Vixen) opened up for Alice Cooper on the "Monsters of Rock" Tour, and the album "Happy Ever After" featuring the same line up was released a few years ago, but the long anticipated return of the Dogs to full recording and touring in their own right never materialised, until that is now.

The latest incarnation of the Dogs is all new, only Tyla remains of the original line up, some may say that this is not the Dogs at all, but I've seen 'em and they most certainly are! The new album "When Bastards Go To Hell" was released earlier this year, and whilst I was I have to admit to being a bit of a doubter of the new line up I am also a Dogs nerd, I have pretty much everything they've ever recorded, so I had to get it for completeness. I must confess that I don't think it is the best Dogs album but it is still good and worth shelling out for. The new line up for is Tyla- Vocals and guitar, Yella vocals and other tricks, Tom Spencer guitar (ex Yo-Yo's, they were a good band too), Danny McCormack (ex Wildhearts and Yo-Yo's, nice to see Danny back on stage), Mark Stanway (formerly from Magnum) and Billy Jo on drums.

Anyway that's enough waffle lets get on with the review. Like I said the last time I saw the Dogs at Rock City it was packed upstairs with The Black Crows in support, this gig differed in two ways it was downstairs and there was no support, it was however packed. I can't actually remember what order the tracks were played in, I was at a Dogs gig I was there to enjoy myself so if you want an accurate running order you're out of luck. What I say is that the set was fantastic, all the classics were there "How Come It Never Rains", "Drunk Like Me", "Back on the Juice", "What's Happening Here", Errol Flynn", plus "Roll Over" from "Happy Ever After" and some tracks from the new album. Unfortunately Yella was unable to perform her grinding bit as Rock City wouldn't let her so we missed that part of the show, but then the gig was so good I'm not going to moan about that.

If you're a Dogs fan who doesn't think the new line up is really the Dogs D'Amour I would have to disagree with you, this new line up may not be the Dogs as I knew them but they are as good as ever, maybe even in some respects better. If you never got to see them first time round or you were too young back then, now's your chance to see one of the best bands in the world ever. The Dogs ARE back!


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