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30 November 2004: ariel-x - The Victoria Inn, Derby, England, UK

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Well, this was unexpected. For two reasons.

Reason number one was that I made it to the venue in time to see the support band.

Reason number two was that they were well worth catching.

20041130 Ariel-x

The venue was tiny, the backroom of a pub, but fairly full and I wasn't expecting much when ariel-x took to the stage. I was quite impressed (and it takes a lot).

ariel-x are made up of four guys whose presence filled the stage. Ben, the vocalist (who manned the merchandise stall while Rachel Stamp were on), commanded the stage, rocking out with the other members of the band during the instrumental bits.

The tracks were tidy and well played. They started with a powerful number which sent shivers down the spine and made your feet move, and continued in the same manner with "Chemical Mind" which slowed things down slightly and then built ever louder and (seemingly) faster

This was followed by "With You", with the first lyric being "Are you paying attention, are you getting bored?".

There was no chance of that as Ben introduced "Mute" (the new single, out now on noise underground records), a huge swipe at the pop idol and X Factor shows. "Mute" starts slowly and then knocks you backwards, much like being hit unexpectedly by a speeding freight train.

"You've got nothing to say, nothing to say, nothing to say to me so therefore, I can't hear you".

Next it was "A Way Out", followed by "Vow" and "This is not Love", but by this time I had been completely blown away. The songs were phenomenal, the volume was phenomenal and this member of the crowd was converted.

They only played half an hour, but it was an excellent half an hour and the crowd gave them the support they deserved. I found myself disappointed when they left the stage asking people to come and chat to them afterwards and pick up a free poster.

I went and chatted and couldn't hear much. My ears were still ringing two days later, when I bought the album "BI-POLAR", which lived up to expectations.

The loudest gig I'd been to for ages.

Give them some airplay! ariel-x deserve it.

20041130 Ariel-x2

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