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06 November 2004: T23 and The Psychedelic Circus - Borderline, London, England, UK

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'T23 and The Psychedelic Circus' rocked a packed Borderline club in London on Saturday November 6th. Their unique mix of cutting edge beats, psychedelic sounds and rock guitars sent a cool London Warholesque audience beyond the bizarre until they couldn't help jumping up and down and screaming for more.

This was the launch of their debut album, 'When the Going Gets Weird' which is currently being sold on ebay... a cunning way of reaching a global fan base without the backing of large record companies.

This art/music collective is the multi cultured, multi coloured, multi dimensional future. The three core members create a whirlwind of audio/visual entertainment from within the eye of the storm while people from all corners of the Earth brought their talents to the stage... an Australian didgeridoo player booms beneath the beats and the Amazonian dread locked percussionist sports a sweating bodyful of tribal tattoos... on one track an Italian opera singer lifts us to an ethereal plane as the industrial beats and grinding guitars play on.

The multilingual on stage DJ announces, over ambient Moog sounds, the next song in English, French and German and rainbow warrior belly dancer bounds into centre stage. I love this band... Entertaining to the end, as a toy robot is powered up and makes his way into the audience amidst a backdrop of bubbles, lights and lava lamps that made me wonder if somebody hadn't spiked my drink... but of course I had just tasted my first dose of T23 and the Psychedelic Circus and I'm not sure life will ever be the same again.

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