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21 February 2004: Monster Magnet + Gluecifer - Rock City, Nottingham, England, UK

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As my usual gigging partner Sime could not make this one my beloved Lisa, who is more into girly singer/songwriters aka Sean Colvin, Ani Difranco, Beth Orton, the list goes on and on (and on and on) accompanied me to the show. I suppose that her reaction to the evenings event might be a more reflective view as apart from a cursory listen to the first few tracks on "Powertrip" whilst getting ready to go out, she had no idea what to expect from the nights offerings.

I first saw Monster Magnet in support with Queens of the Stone Age a while back but hadn't really kept up with the recorded material so it was going to be one of those gigs where most of the material was going to be new to me. As for Gluecifer, well these lads have recorded stuff with the Hellacopters and so I knew a little about them.

The Rock City crowd is always up for it and this crowd was no exception, I'm sure that the attitude of the crowd influence the performance onstage and Gluecifer reacted well to pound out a really good set, nice and tight with some really well crafted tracks, I would recommend getting hold of some of their stuff, if you've not heard the Hellacopters then check out the "split" EP.

Monster Magnet fall into the stoner rock category of musical genre and judging by the smell inside Rock City quite a lot of the audience were taking the stoner part very seriously. As I said earlier I have not been following the band as closely as I might so if you're after a detailed set list you're out of luck, the tracks I can name are all from "Powertrip" and are "Crop Cirle", "Powertrip" and of course "Space Lord". The tracks from the new album sat well against the earlier material (I shall definitely be buying this album to fill in an obvious void in my CD collection)! The band really showed what a good rock show is all about, really pumping riffs and lots of swirly lights. The light show was very retro psychedelic reminiscent of the late sixties early seventies with a bit of the nineties trance thrown in, lots of swirly oil and fractals, really mind blowing if you'd smoked a few joints before and because of the atmosphere in the place everybody in the crowd must have smoked a few that night.

In conclusion another great gig, but what did Lisa think I hear you cry, well she is not known for being very diplomatic when it comes to these things but she said she enjoyed it and would certainly go again.

Can't say fairer than that!


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