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20 June 2003: Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars - Junction 7, Nottingham, England, UK

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If you like Glam Rock, and these guys are really GLAMMMM!!!!, then you'll love Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars.

The band hails from Vancouver, Canada and I first heard them when they recently supported Pretty Boy Floyd at Rock City earlier this year. On that occasion they put on a great show and I was determined to catch them on a headlining tour. When I found out they had signed to a new label, TV records based in Nottingham, I felt sure that this meant they would be appearing somewhere in the city, and fortunately I did not have to wait very long.

There were three bands on the bill, and all for £5 (Bradford Rios take note). The first of these was Dip. You could hear the AC/DC influence in their music, and whilst they were all very competent musicians they lacked a little something, maybe a few more hours in the garage might help.

Next up were the New Generation Superstars, and these guy's were pretty darn good, certainly ones to watch out for over the next few years if you're into the alternative rock scene.

The lads from Canada (they are boys trust me!) came on about 11:00 and treated us to almost the complete album "Planet Fame". The set list is a bit of a blur, too many Newcastle Browns don't aid total recall, but the tracks that stood out were "TV Trash", "Suburban Sci-Fi", "Some of you boys", "Candy Flip", well to be honest I think all the tracks stood out.

The crowd in Junction 7 really took the band to their hearts and as a consequence the place was really jumping with a great atmosphere. After the show the band came down into the crowd and hung around the merchandise stand signing CD's and having a chat and a beer with the fans. I do really enjoy these small venue gigs when you can get up close and personal. Its much more satisfying than peering at something on a stage miles away in a great cavernous arena.

So all in all another great night of Rock 'N' Roll in the country's Rock 'N' Roll capital.


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