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07 June 2003: Rachel Stamp - Rios, Bradford, England, UK

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I've been following the fortunes of Rachel Stamp for the past few years now and have always enjoyed their shows, but with the recent departure of long time drummer Robin Guy, I was curious to see how they would shape up with a new member.

Bradford Rios is one of those venues that you see on quite a few tours, but this was the first time I'd been, generally preferring either Rock City, The Charlotte in Leicester or JB's in Dudley.

We found the place alright thanks to the very detailed directions on the website, possibly a little too early, as when we arrived we had no idea that there was no support and the place was empty! Oh well the bar was open at least.

Eventually some of the locals started to arrive and we felt a little less conspicuous, but by the time the band arrived on stage the crowd was still a little disappointing, I know Rachel Stamp don't have the biggest following in the country, but they always pull a decent crowd at Rock City, so it was quite a surprise to see the venue almost empty when the band came on.

The Stamp did not let this deter them though from giving the usual quality performance that I have come to expect from them. The set was mostly the new stuff from the new album "Oceans of Venus" with a few of the earlier classics thrown in for good measure. Overall a great performance from the band, the stand in drummer did a superb job, it was only the small discussions before each song that gave the game away that she was not a permanent member, although at £8 for one hour I did think it was a bit on the pricey side.


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