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13 December 2002: The Datsuns + The Hellacopters + The Gazza Strippers - Wulfron Hall, Wolverhampton, England, UK

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This was a gig that I was really looking forward to, having seen the hellacopters at the Southside festival in 2001 I was expecting great things from them and with the amount of press attention and airplay given to The Datsuns I was expecting great things from them too.

We arrived at the venue a little late and only caught the last couple of tracks from the Gazza Strippers but they sounded OK and I will keep an eye open for them in future.

Next up were the Hellacopters, these guys hail from Stockholm and I am a keen follower of Scandinavian rock music with bands like Backyard Babies, DAD, Hanoi Rocks being a staple in my CD player. These guys are good, if you like good old fashioned rock then I would check out some of their albums. As a live act they are very competent and very talented and they gave us a great show although the Wolverhampton crowd was a little subdued and the band had to really work to get a reaction from them. The set was about an hour long and featured new material as well as some of the more well known back catalogue such as Hopeless Case of A Kid in Denial and Move Right Outta Here. I have to confess I think this band is fantastic and I loved every minute of their set.

When the Datsuns come on I was sure that the crowd who had been a little disappointing during the Hellacopters would liven up and find their voice but no again the band had to work really hard to get even a murmur from them. This aside the guys from NZ did a sterling job really putting a lot of energy into their set. From what I can remember (I don’t write anything down at gigs) they played pretty much the whole of the album, Finishing with Harmonic Generator.

Overall this gig lived up to my expectations even if the crowd were a bit flat, but the quality of the band more than made up for that.


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