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16 November 2002: Hanoi Rocks + Diamond Dogs - Rock City, Nottingham, England, UK

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Although it is nearly 20 years since the Hanois split they still have a devoted following in the UK and it was with a great deal of excitement that I went to Rock City to see them on their come back tour.

The show kicked off with the Diamond Dogs, a Scandinavian band featuring Boba Fett of the Hellacopters. I don’t appear to have much luck with catching their sets as this was the second time I have seen them and both times I arrived late and missed most of the set. But what I did catch was pretty good, good enough for me to buy one of their CD’s anyway. They are a lot like the Faces with retro style blues rock with a lot of Hammond organ. If you like the Quireboys, the Faces or the Dogs D’amour check them out, the albums are really pretty good.

Anyway on to the main act of the night. Having seen Michael Monroe do a solo show at Rock City a couple of years ago I was expecting something pretty special. Rock City was pretty full with both old rockers and some younger ones too, a good mix of people and the atmosphere was good, so we were set for the return of a glam rock legend. I wish I could give you a full set list but I have to say that they were so good all thought of trying to remember the order and even the names of the tracks went out the window as the band and the crowd began rocking. We were treated to some of the old classic Hanoi tracks such as Up Around the Bend and Malibu Beach as well as quite a bit of new material from the new album Twelve Shots on the Rocks. Michael Monroe did his stuff showing a lot of stamina and agility for a man of his years and Andy McCoy treated us to some great guitar riffs, in all a really good show, the crowd had a great time and so did the guys in the band. Hopefully they will be back in the UK very soon and if you can’t wait that long then the new album is available from ChangesOne at


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