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16 October 2002: Will, Gareth and ZoŽ - Nottingham Arena, Nottingham, England, UK

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Firstly i must point out that this review is written by a big Will Young fan but I will try to be objective. I arrived at the Nottingham Arena just after 7pm. I had not been to the arena before and was pleased to park very easily, quite near to the arena. I was also surprised by how small the arena was, I donít think there are any seats where you would not have a good view of the stage. I was in block 5, which is a tiered seat half way down the arena, and the view was superb.

Zoe came on first and I have to say was very good although it was obvious that the crowd was just waiting for Will and Gareth. She sang her new single (sorry canít remember the name of it), it was quite good but nothing special. She was on for about half an hour, there was then a 20 minute break before Gareth came on. He had a row of cages behind him on stage which he flew out of on a wire, whilst about 30 fans ran into the cages and danced behind him for his whole set.

The fans went wild when he came on, he did all the usual songs, unchained melody, stupid mistake etc. he was very good and I certainly did not hear a duff note. Not my cup of tea but I clapped along and got quite into the atmosphere. He then went off and came back on dressed as elvis in a white all in one suit. I felt this was a mistake although the younger fans seemed to like it by the screams.

Unfortunately, most of his interaction with the audience was on tape due to his stammer which did spoil it slightly. I have respect for him however as it must be hard.

Gareth left the stage and it went dark, smoke filled the stage and wills backing singers (Annie Lennoxís former backing singers) started singing the opening to ain't no sunshine, then Will appeared from the smoke. The crowd went mad, everyone shouting and throwing their arms in the air. He seemed very at ease on the stage and teased the audience when his trousers nearly fell down, I understand this happens at every concert! His voice was amazing, he sang all his hits, light my fire, evergreen but the best by far were the songs from his new album, his own style is very mellow, more jazz than pop. His new single you and I was the highlight for me. Near the end of the evening we were in for another surprise when a giant walk way dropped down from the ceiling above the crowd and Will ran across to finish the concert on a small stage at the back of the arena. Gareth soon joined him and they sang the long and winding road. Finally Zoe joined them and they walked back across the walkway and the show was over.

To summarize it was a very good show, however the Gareth and Will styles are very different and the two did not mix that well. Half the fans from both sides were sat down for half of the show. This was a shame.

Hopefully they are going their separate ways now. For me Will was just in a different league, smooth, classy with an incredible soulful voice.

Thanx to SR for the pictures and review.

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